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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy of the mobile application POMAGAMY Z SERCEM
1. This Privacy Policy defines how we collect and process data necessary to use the mobile application POMAGAMY Z SERCEM, which aims to measure kilometers during physical activity.
2. The User is any natural person using the application.
3. The User shall provide a username and a team during registration.
4. We use the information we collect to count kilometers.
5. The Application collects your location information and uses it to measure your distance traveled and pace. We collect location information while using the app and also while the app is running in the background. We only save the result of the calculation and not the location. The location is not sent anywhere.
6. We track location only to measure distance traveled and pace. We do not use location for advertising purposes.
7. You can stop the location tracking of your device at any time by adjusting the settings.
8. The administrator of the data is "The Good People" Foundation based in Gliwice, 32 Przewozowa Street.
9. The Administrator reserves the right to make adjustments to the Privacy Policy, of which it will notify the User via the application. If the User does not agree to the changes, he/she is obliged to permanently remove the application from his/her mobile device.
10. The User hereby accepts the rules contained in the Privacy Policy.
11. Contact:
12. Account deletion - to start the account deletion process, send an e-mail to